Volkovysk War and Historical Museum n.a. P.I. Bagration

The museum was founded in 1935 as a museum of local history. In 1953, it is named as P.I Bagration War History Museum. The ethnographer G.I. Pekn was a founder of the museum. Since 1949, the exhibition is placed in the mansion where in 1812 there were the headquarters of the 2nd Western Army under the command of P.I. Bargation. There are eight exhibition halls in the museum. The museum funds contain 47,100 exhibits. The museum collections include archeological findings, weapon and military equipment, handwritten and printed documents,photographs, numismatics, paintings and drawings of the first half of the 19th century. The warrior's weapon: a bow and a crossbow, battle axes, a chain mail and a sword, the German knight's armor, the crusaders sword of the Grunwald Battle, in which gonfalons from Volkovysk took part in. The cold weapom of the 16th - the beginning of the 19th centuries is presented by halberds, backswords, sabres; the firearms are presented by handguns, rifles, a cannon moulded in 1782. The exhibition «The War of 1812» presents exhibits that tell about the fighting of the 2nd Western Army on the territory of Belarus during the attack and retreat of Napoleon and about Volkovysk battle in 1812: the uniforms and headgears of the Russian and Napoleonic Armies, generals' dolmans and pelisses. The materials of the exhibition «The War of the 20th century» tell about the 1st and the 2nd World Wars on the territory of Volkovysk. Here one can find the materials of the excavations on the Swedish mountain — the first settlement of Volokovysk people.

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